The Beauty Book (The Lily Series)

If you are a growing girl who is worried about your beauty and your looks go for “The Beauty Book” (the Lily Series) to know more about enhancing your beauty. It is natural for the girls to have many doubts regarding their beauty in the growing years. Whether you are worried about applying make –up or your flat hair problem which you think is affecting your beauty, you will find that the real problem is how you face all these problems.


Beauty BookThe beauty book gives the necessary fashion times tips to take care of the skin and hair of young girls and provide necessary suggestions for selecting their clothes for different occasions. This book tells you how you are beautiful as a creation of the supreme power “God”. You can find answers to most of the facts you wanted to know about beauty and managing your beauty. This book offers different activities like quizzes and illustrations to know you more. This book will make you understand “how beautiful you already are”.


This book by Nancy Rue through the character Lily teaches the girls to accept the physical features as the gift of God. She teaches the girls to consider their body as the temple of God. The friendly language used by the author helps girls easily understand what the author wants to share with them. This book will be a good gift for any girl from 7 to 11 years of age.


This book will help the young girls develop a passion for them and to get educated about their special qualities and features. The most important aspect of this book is that the author encourages the girls to talk about their problems to god. This will create a confidence in them that God cares each of them and they will have a good relationship with god. This will give the courage to face the difficult situations in later life. This book can be considered as the best encouragement apparent can give to their young and confused girl child.