How to Make Money Online

To make money online: The total guide to everyone who wants to make money online and has been always scared to try. The book acts as a guide to all the beginners by providing them step by step instruction that can help to set up the business. Later on it gives a detailed insight on the advanced systems which can be repeatedly used for the website. It helps you to get more business as more people visit. Further the search engines recognize the merit, increase the ratings and in turn increases the credibility of the business.


The book begins with an initial introduction of how the ranking is done by the search engines. Then it expands into 7 chapters which have been construed with an aim to help the readers begin with the business instantly. The lessons are well explained with tasks for better understanding. Each of these tasks can be finished on a daily basis and therefore the business can commence in just 7 days time. If you can do complete them sooner, then you can start your business earlier.


An insight into the 7 day steps:


Day 1: The day begins to seek a market which is both profitable for the business as well as where the business can be set up to grow and flourish. Along with this, the free research tool for the keyword which extremely useful is explained in details.


Day 2: It provides information on the procedure to purchase the domain name, manner to set up the web hosting and how to build a website from the scratch.


Day 3: On this day, the reader will learn about the methods to customize the website and also to design new web pages. The book gives instructions in details and also provides with a link from which gives access to a complete series of more than 20 instructional videos.


Day 4: It introduces to the concept of creating links and manner to set up the associated websites where the main website can be thoroughly promoted. This lesson also provides with a list of Web 2.0 sites which can be beneficially used to improve the ratings given by the search engines and to manage the visits to the websites better.


Day 5: The day keeps you focused on the authorities that help to set up the website and that keeps a tab on the improvement of the ratings given by the search engines.


Day 6: On this day, it is a lesson related to knowing more links to improve the rankings for the website by the search engines. Also links and advanced tactics that help the guests to contribute and market the articles of the blog are also included.

Day 7: On this last lesson, the reader is introduced to the world of video marketing that is popularly effective in increasing the traffic to the website.


Once these seven day lessons finish, another chapter follows to teach its readers about how to create a plan that can repeatedly used to construct a bigger website with better ratings from the search engines and involve more visits to the websites by using the lessons given in the book.