Small Business Promotion for Dummies

Owning one’s individual business is not the same as having clients, and both of them are equally significant. In today’s competitive situation planned marketing and promotion is necessary for every business type be it a law firm or a high-tech consulting organisation or a resale organisation or a home cleaning service provider.

The second version, Small Business Marketing For Dummies has been modernized from the original edition which has won very good criticisms and have motivated lots of small businesses to expand in their sizes. The modernized version consist of more information on net marketing, a completely new portion on achieving and maintaining customers, new fast-acting, cost-effective concepts for immediate effect and lots more. The book includes:


  • Advice on how professional can be fetched.
  • Information which can assist in defining the organisation brand and position.
  • Marketing basics which will guide one to accelerate his/her business and start-up his/her marketing program.
  • How effective ads can be created.
  • How to grow business without advertising, information on brochures, promotions, direct mail and publicity are provide
  • A quick tour of mass means and a dictionary of advertising terminologies.
  • How one can build his/her individual easy-to-assemble marketing plan by following ten steps.


The author Barbara Findlay Schenck, has offered ideas so that high impact and also low-cost marketing plans can be created by the business persons. The author is a Marketing consultant with more than 20 years of experience and she has dealt with all types of clients – clients from small organisations as well as clients of Fortune 500 organisations. One can read this book and he/she will surely be able to influence and preserve new customers. Whatever the person is doing – whether she is running a non-profit business or she is managing a small firm or running a home office or a family business or a retail setup, he/she will discover how:


  • Operative marketing messages can be created.
  • One’s individual marketing program can be custom planned.
  • Effective marketing communications can be produced.