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"Completing a book from notes by a dead author is almost always a mistake. But Robert A. Heinlein apparently isn't really dead. He was obviously standing at the side of Spider Robinson as he wrote this book, guiding his hand. Variable Star will delight the fans of the greatest science fiction writer who ever lived, and at the same time, stays true to Spider's passionate themes of optimism, kindness, and humanity's future among the stars."

John Varley- John Varley
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Persistence of Vision and Steel Beach

"For everyone who's missed the old Heinlein magic, Variable Star is a return to the days of wonder - a terrific novel, one which both Spider's readers and RAH's (and I'm sure there's a crossover) will doubtless enjoy."

Allen M. Steele- Allen M. Steele
Hugo Award-winning author of the Coyote Trilogy

"I've already laughed hard and wanted to cry... This book is a delight and I love you for doing it. I love you even more for doing it so damned well. Thank you."

David Crosby- David Crosby
Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and Member of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash

"Like a good Ganymedean farmer in the sky, Robinson (Callahan's Key) plants both feet firmly in Heinlein territory with this... credible pastiche of a Heinlein young adult novel circa 1955. Working from an unfinished outline and notes, Robinson tells the coming-of-age tale of Joel Johnston, who flees a broken romance to the new colony planet Brasil Novo 85 light-years away. Joel and his companions demonstrate the odd mixture of innocence and sexual experimentation that Heinlein employed, as Robinson captures the naive yet advanced tone of Heinlein's future history... Nostalgia for Heinlein's early work may pique interest in this posthumous collaboration..."

- Publishers Weekly review
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"I'd nominate Spider Robinson as the new Robert Heinlein"

- The New York Times

"When the love of his life turns out not to be what she seems, musician Joel Johnston joins a colony ship headed for a new world outside the solar system. Absorbed in his personal sorrows, Joel eventually learns to appreciate his new surroundings and his new future, as well as his fellow travelers-just before a series of unexpected calamities threatens to rob him of everything. Begun by Heinlein in 1955, this tale of life, love, and loss on a journey to the stars was unfinished at the author's death in 1988.

Authorized by Heinlein's estate to complete the story, award-winning author Robinson has captured the late Grand Master storyteller's essential spirit while adding his own unique brand of lyrical prose and warm humor. A mandatory purchase for all sf collections."

- Library Journal